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Cutting Edge Membership

Cutting Edge is a dynamic and interactive membership group, offering Coaches and Leaders the opportunity to be part of a supportive community


Cutting Edge is part of the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy and was set up to ease the pain that many coaches, leaders and support professionals feel after completing training ... isolation, loneliness and uncertainty.


We ran a Survey with over 100 professionals participating, we listened to their needs, we ran follow-up questionnaires and interviews and we developed a membership group that meets and fulfils each and everyone of those needs ...Cutting Edge was born.


Our membership covers three distinct areas;


1) CPD - Continuous Professional Development 

2) Business Growth and Development

3) Self Care & Nourishment 


In addition to the three areas listed above, Premium members will receive;


  • LIVE Monthly business Mentoring Calls - facilitated by Alister Gray , Co-Founder of Mindful Talent Coaching Academy and world renowned Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant (worth £6,000 GBP annually)




  • Bi-Monthly LIVE Supervision Groups - facilitated by Lead Trainers and Mentors at Mindful Talent Coaching Academy, Raymy Boyle and Beth Cumming (worth £1500 GBP annually) 



Our aim is to create a community of coaches, leaders and other supporting professionals that enables, empowers and inspires you to bring out the best in yourself as a developing professional. 


Our intention is to offer you opportunities to connect with and learn from this dynamic community, leading you to impact your own world and the world of those around you in a truly positive and profound way.


Our commitment to YOU is to deliver inspiring, relevant and engaging content that will support your Continuing Professional Development, increase your business acumen, provide you with coach supervision and help you maintain a high level of self-care that ensure you optimise your performance and experience of life in every moment.


In collaboration with you, we will create a range of opportunities and options to help you navigate your road to coaching, leadership and business mastery.


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