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Our next course starts on Sunday 30th August 2020, empowering you to become a fully certified coach by January 2021!


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Course Information

Our mission is to 'Empower People Through Transformational Learning'. From the outset, we're focussed on developing a level of excellence that will nurture your uniqueness and help you stand out from the crowd.

Module 1

This module is all about learning to be a coaching practitioner and how to apply coaching in a practical sense. It’s about building your confidence and giving you a solid, well-structured framework for learning, the ACORN framework. You begin to learn the fundamentals of coaching, including; the power of intention, listening, asking powerful questions, clarifying, holding space and sharing observations.

Module 2

Module 2 we focus on two core functions of the coaching process: raising self-awareness and increasing personal responsibility. You will learn how hold space powerfully, empowering your client to experience insights and realisations. You’ll also go deeper into your own inner-world, gaining a better of understanding of your beliefs, values and barriers, exploring neuroscience and mindfulness further.

Module 3

It’s time to focus on building your coaching practice and business! We spend time considering next steps with your peers, preparing for CPD and life beyond training, and developing your confidence to help you move forward with momentum. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey, where you start preparing to step out into the world as a competent and confident coach, serving people on a whole new level. 

17+ years of coach training condensed into 20 weeks of transformational learning

We've powerfully served 160+ students from 12 countries worldwide and counting! 

An Internationally recognised qualification, accredited by the Association for Coaching  

Learning Method

Our course is tailored to fit round full-time working or parent life. Our goal is to offer you unparalleled support and flexible learning methods to empower your expansion...


Modules are served weekly and accessed via our desktop learning platform, or via our new app!


Bi-weekly group Zoom calls and a closed Facebook group enables deep Tribe connections to be made.

Ongoing Support

Upon graduating we offer ongoing support via our incredible membership group 'Cutting Edge'.

Time Commitment

We have condensed 17 years of coaching knowledge & experience into a 20-week programme that delivers huge impact, in a blended learning environment that works in alignment with your schedule and commitments. The course offers 155 hours of learning, including 30 hours of coaching practise with your peers and case studies.

Limited Spaces

We are onboarding participants now and would LOVE for you to join us. The course starts on Sunday 30th August!

"If you’re thinking of signing up to the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy to learn how to coach, know that you absolutely will receive outstanding training. But it’s so much more than that. It is a journey of personal growth, deep insight and new beginnings in the company of a truly courageous, open-hearted tribe. What are you waiting for? "

Claire F.
Professional Coach & Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

On average the time commitment is 8 hours per week over the 20 weeks. There are peaks and valley's throughout and between weeks 3-15 you will find yourself immersed in course material and coaching practise! Do not fear though, we have trained everyone from busy CEO's too full-time mum's and our flexible, blended learning approach enables EVERYONE to train and qualify as a professional coach!

YES! Our course provides an internationally recognised qualification (ACCP), accredited by the Association for Coaching. A world renowned coaching organisation who has 90,000 members globally in 70+ countries

The course is for anyone and everyone who holds a strong desire for personal growth and discovery. Our course regularly attracts the following groups of participants;

1) Those who wish to become a professional coach and who hold a desire to start their own coaching practise business.

2) Individuals who already provide support and help to others and who wish to add another dimension to their practise/business/career. We have trained; yoga teachers, personal trainers, healers, counsellors, psychologists, hypnotherapists, business owners and leaders.

3) Individuals who are on a personal journey of self-discovery, self-enquiry and self-realisation, and who wish to deepen their connection to themselves and the world around them.

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