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The Cutting Edge Journey

Hey, Alister Gray here...

In 2015 I qualified as a professional coach and I felt unsure of my next steps. I found myself feeling a little lost, and although I came from a successful corporate career, it felt like I was experiencing some kind of career amnesia. I was uncertain of myself and unsure about the ‘next steps’.

You see, there are tonnes of coaching schools and academies BUT there are very few who offer any kind of aftercare or community to support you as you venture into the world as a new coach. Experienced coaches also come up against challenges, they can feel isolated and they often find themselves in groundhog day, trading time for money and feeling overwhelmed and overworked, living in a cycle of feast or famine … these challenges were the inspiration for Cutting Edge!

We held a vision to create a community where we can inspire, encourage, teach and share new ways of growing your business, new ways of inspiring clients and new ways of sharpening your own saw.

My great friend and business partner Michele set Cutting Edge up at the beginning of 2017 as a beta test, bringing a small group of coaches together. The aim was to help them continue their journey as a coach, to help them grow their business and to help them stay on the road to Coaching Mastery, whilst being supported and challenged by a dynamic community of coaches.

When Michele and I came together to form the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy at the end of 2017, we decided that it was only natural for Cutting Edge to be part of our creation!

Cutting Edge is now a thriving community of coaches, healers and mentors, who are supported by myself to GROW and Develop their business, whilst learning new coaching models, approaches and techniques, steeped in neuroscience, mindfulness and spirituality.

– Alister Gray
Founder of Mindful Talent

Cutting Edge is for Coaches Who:

  • Are on a mission to serve their clients more powerfully by continuing their professional development
  • Are looking to GROW their business and SCALE their impact
  • Hold a strong desire to let go of their own limiting beliefs and tap into their innate confidence
  • Have a strong desire to help others, give back and contribute to making the world a better place
  • Wish to be part of a vibrant, supportive community
  • Gain the chance to ‘sharpen their saw’ by participating in LIVE coaching trio sessions (this happens every 2nd month)

Cutting Edge Is NOT for Those Who:

  • Are not coaching or supporting other people in the capacity of a coach, consultant, healer or mentor
  • Are not fully committed to developing themselves, their skills and their approaches
  • Are not interested in receiving feedback on their coaching and their business
  • Do not want to grow their business or enhance their impact
  • Only want to earn money
Join the Cutting Edge Community!

Cutting Edge Members Come Together in Our Dedicated Facebook Community.

A conscious community of like minded coaches, healers and mentors who are all eager to expand their minds, hearts, reach and their business.

As a Cutting Edge member, you gain access to the community where we host regular challenges and thought-provoking conversations to help you maintain forward momentum and experience greater success as a coach and business owner!

The community presents a safe space to ask questions, share your biggest challenges and be supported by your peers to move forward with your vision.

Here's What You Get

  • 1 x 90 minute Coaching Masterclass Call each month with Michele Armstrong, exploring contemporary neuroscience, quantum physics, new coaching models and approaches that will help you serve your clients more powerfully.
  • 1 x 90-minute Business Growth Call each month with Alister Gray, where Alister shares his thoughts, wisdom and insights on how to build a successful, and sustainable, coaching practise. Alister shares business strategy, marketing, selling and closing, along with many other approaches that will help you scale your business and grow your impact.
  • Access to our private Cutting Edge Facebook Group and Community.
  • The opportunity to coach, be coached and to observe in a holistic learning environment.
  • Regular Challenges and Accountability sessions in our Cutting Edge Facebook Group.
  • Ongoing support from the Mindful Talent Team and our Head of Community, Raymy Boyle.

All Live Zoom Calls are recorded and shared in an online product library so you can access them at any time and rewatch whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration via an App.

We Have Helped Transform the Lives of Hundreds of Coaches, Who Are Now Part of Our Global Community.

We’ve helped world renowned brands develop their leaders via our teachings and coaching approaches, companies such as; Google, Nike, Converse, lululemon, KPMG, Dropbox, Captify Pioneer DJ … the list goes on.

We offer a beautiful mix of neuroscience, mindfulness and holistic practises to support our coaching approaches and methods of teaching.
The essence of who we are is felt by everyone who joins Cutting Edge. We teach from a place of love, compassion, empathy, joy and non-judgement.

Check out the testimonials below.


"The business course with Alister are fanstastic! because He really teaches you how create your business from the inside out using heart-centered principles and I've never had business coaching like that where heart and mind are so aligned."

~ Natasha Hawtrey-Woore


"One of the biggest transformational benefits I've received from my Cutting Edge membership happened in a recent business growth call where Ali introduced the idea of a product matrix for use in our businesses and having it implemented in our business it's given us such clarity and direction on the way forward and given us also the ability to plan and let go of that feeling of wanting to do everything now."

~ David Wynn


"What I came away with was the understanding that I needed to listen, be there for them myself and to make sure there are space in my day to do that so that I could create a more powerful space and hold the space more powerfully for my clients and so that call served me so well."

~ Karen Ramsay-Smith


"Cutting Edge has been absolutely incredible for me personally and also my coaching business. Firstly, the community they've built is just amazing, I love seeing all the friendly faces on the monthly course. Sharing stories, challenges and learning from each other is really just an incredible experience. Secondly, the content is just incredible if you apply the stuff that they teach it really does help me personally and with business."

~ Joel Burgess


We Provide a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Immediate Access to a Business Masterclass for Coaches with Alister (valued at £197!)

Lifetime Monthly Fee of £59 GBP ($79 USD) per month Guaranteed, Even When Our Fees Go Up!

What Our Members Say

All of This for Only £59 GBP ($79 USD) per month!!

To put this in context, Michele and I personally charge clients thousands of pounds to spend 90 minutes with us and you receive 2 x 90 minute calls PLUS all the support in the community!

The value is insane and we promise to continue serving even more powerfully as the community grows.

Cutting Edge Membership

Only £59 GBP ($79 USD) per month

  • 2 x 90 minute Live Zoom Calls each month!
  • 1 x Business Growth & Development Call hosted by me (Alister Gray) on the last Tuesday of every month
  • 1 x The Road to Mastery Call hosted by my co-Founder and neuroleadership specialist Michele Armstrong on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
  • Access to a global community of coaches
  • Access to all Zoom Call Recordings from the past 12 months
  • Immediate Access to a Business Masterclass for Coaches with Alister (valued at £197!)
  • Support from our dedicated community managers
  • The opportunity to coach, be coached and observe - helping you to sharpen your saw

We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you join and don’t feel like you have received value, we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

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