The Trusted Leader FREE Scholarship

We are on a mission to make our course accessible to as many leaders as possible! 

We understand that securing funding in the 3rd and social enterprise sectors can be challenging and that restricted budgets can prevent leaders in these sectors from investing in themselves, however we believe these leaders should have access to the same opportunities as those in the private sector enabling them to evolve, improve and develop themselves whilst learning how to impact their organisations and the people they lead. With this in mind, we have created a model that enables us to give one FREE Scholarship place for every 10 paid places! 

If you are inspired by leadership, coaching approaches, passionate about helping others and are ready to commit to this incredible journey of learning, self-discovery and self-realisation then we would love you to apply for a FULL scholarship. You must be able to fully commit to the process starting on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

We’re accepting applications from Thursday 5th March at 6pm (UK Time) until Monday 9th March at 8pm (UK Time). Successful applicants will be notified on Friday 13th March ... who said Friday 13th is unlucky!? 

Any questions about the scholarship, drop us a note to [email protected]


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Register your interest now and we will send you a link to the digital application form ahead of the Scholarship window opening on Thursday 5th March 2020 at 6pm UK Time.


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